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Latest Poems


Farmer dusts his cap off on torn faded Levi jeans finished sewing winter wheat so he can pay the banker’s salary and send Old Man Kellogg’s dynasty to college it is a banker’s worldhe tells meas we head to the shop where the combinethe thresherthe grain drilland the shop itself aresitting up on jacks broke…

Old rusted out shipyards

from Parley Noyo and the Oyster Bard. Read at the San Francisco Living Wage Coalition Art and Literature Gala, April 10, 2021 Old rusted out shipyardswhere the lumber schooners dockedand coal trains pulled in and outof elongated, angular platformsbisecting main streets at 29 degreesaltered carbonaltered gravity altar of worker’s sainthood now martyred and lamentedanother hotel…


Is the sun a        star lover?  starlight, starbright….       it’s gorgeous  It is indeed.        a star lover              it is                  h o m o s t e l l u l a r  We’re…

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