Being Joyful in the time 
      of the Big Radical Sad 
          is a revolutionary act.
 Buying a bottle of wine with what’s left 
      after the rent check clears 
 is a revolutionary act.
 Chopping celery and carrots for a soup
       you may make for tomorrow’s supper
     is a revolutionary act. 
 Giving time to smile and visit with a fellow 
      on the street, though you’ve nothing else to give, 
 is a revolutionary act. 
 Being happy and Queer
 having mirth while Black and Brown
 being a strong oak to those who call you Momma
 having a full heart though it is in many pieces 
 is revolutionary. 
 Doing all things in Love 
       while the whole world straddles the Hate Divide
 is a revolutionary act.
 loving radically. 
 This you shall do above all else—this revolutionary act.


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