Is the sun a 
       star lover? 
 starlight, starbright....
       it’s gorgeous 

 It is indeed. 
       a star lover
              it is
                  h o m o s t e l l u l a r 

 We’re gonna be really
     when you get back here
          to this place between breasts

 Galactical death dance, 
        spiral into a black 

 I count on it 
      sage quaking shyly 
 never so turned on 
      as now, in the 
           raybath sunset

 But the way 
     it smiles 
 so sweetly on
      the earth 
 day after day for 
 millennia and 
 era clockwork 

 makes me wonder 
       who is loved 
               by a sun

 no one else could 
 kiss you like that 

 between the ears and neck
 behind the waterfall of twisted hair

 being inside of you  
 means flashing
 like stars across 

 I see that 
        place you go 


 and wonder how I know 

 and wonder who
       the sun loves.

~SMB 1.10.2021

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