When the bell tolls tonight
 I will not think 
 of writing a poem of hope. 
 I’ve tried that before. 

 Like you, my vision
 has become poorer by 
 one degree slowly losing 
 any ability to foresee
 and have gained only more grief marks
 and a great silver streak
 head - body - heart

 Like you, I desire 
 to be kind and selfless
 to have an intelligent mind
 that pursues truth
 and dares to be 
 fearless, but not brutal.

 It is daunting on this brink
 We have it within us to 
 transcend all factions 
 We may, in fact, already
 be powerless to defy them

 Look at your reflection 
 in the pool of my eyes 
 and recognize
 yourself in me

 No pixelated sim, only 
 my skin and flesh-marrow
 running warm beneath the 
 variant, queer, cerulean 


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